Monday, May 3, 2010

Congratulations to both students SMK Benut

Last week, on 29th. April 2010, a mini English Carnival of  Pontian District was held in SMK Ayer Baloi. SMK Benut sent two representatives to participate in the two competitions held, namely, the Essay Writing and Public Speaking Competitions. For Essay Writing, our school sent Loh Kai Hui from 3 Ibnu Sina, and for Public Speaking, Joeseph Ho Zu Xu from 5 Ibnu Sina. Loh Kai Hui won a Consolation Prize while Joeseph Ho Zu Xu won the Second Place. Congratulations to both students, especially to Joeseph Ho Zu Xu, for taking part in the competitions and for a job well done.

 Loh Kai Hui from 3 Ibnu Sina
 Joeseph Ho Zu Xu from 5 Ibnu Sina

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